Sometimes It’s Scary | Thoughts from a Kid

You read that right….sometimes Chiropractic and the first adjustment can be scary for a kid! Why would a Kid need Chiropractic? This is a question I get asked all the time and it is a great question. I see a lot of kids in my practice for all different reasons but one thing is for..

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Can Your Emotions Improve from Chiropractic?

We are filled with emotions every single day we live our lives. Whether that means we are happy, sad, mad, cheerful, laughing, or anything else. I see tons of different people in my office everyday. They range from 85 year old grandmas to 2 year olds. On my end of providing the care, it makes..

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Successful Day

3 Habits for a Successful Day | The Specific Show

Beep Beep Beep! The sound of your alarm clock is something that gets old really really fast. What many people don’t realize is how they respond to that can affect their entire day. It can determine weather you have a successful day. A good day. A bad day. Or anything in between. There are certain..

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Chiropractic and Fireworks | How they are the Same!

A summer tradition in Wisconsin is hanging out on a lake swimming, and watching fireworks from festivals at night. I am sure you have experienced something similar and you know how great it is. You have a feeling of carelessness which is amazing! Don’t you wish that summer was forever in Wisconsin?! If that was..

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Too Much Sun! Where’s the Sunscreen?

Maybe you enjoyed the sunny weather a bit too much lately. Maybe you didn’t realize you were out in the sun for so long. Perhaps you forgot to put on some sunscreen. Either way, you got sunburnt! No body like to be sunburnt as suddenly the shirt you are wearing the next day feels extra..

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Anxiety and Depression : The Struggle Is Real

Anxiety and Depression are a couple of disorders that are really becoming an epidemic in our society today. Millions of people suffer from one or another and the crazy part is we don’t talk about it. This definitely needs to change as they have huge impacts on people’s lives. I am focused on changing this..

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Everyday Fun

We are All About Fun at The Specific!

O no, the dreaded doctor’s appointment! I know the feeling and it’s something that I don’t look forward to either. Luckily for all of the people that walk through our doors they don’t feel that way. My office is all about having fun because that is who I am!¬†At The Specific we don’t think all..

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Fidget Spinner

Who NEEDS a Fidget Spinner?! Find out NOW!

Fidget Spinners….they are all the rage right now! I am sure that you know someone or you may have a fidget spinner yourself. They seem to be everywhere but at the same time they are getting a bad reputation. Kids are getting them taken away in school because they are becoming a distraction. Who Actually..

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