Here are The Specific we encounter all different types of people that are at all different places in their life. I find that more and more people are having problems with the ways they measure themselves. I am not talking about weight scales and measure tapes. What I am talking about is comparing themselves.

That may sound a bit extreme but think about yourself! So many people wish they had this and that, wish they were on vacation, wish their kids were more successful, wish they had more money, and why?! Most people would answer one way but the deeper root of it is because they are comparing themselves to their peers.

What’s the Specific Problem?!

The problem that is causing this really boils down to so man things. One is who you surround yourself with. If you surround yourself with people who are constantly bragging or rubbing things in that annoy you or cause you to be down on yourself it is worth keeping some distance. One of the larger problems that even affects me is social media. We need to realize that the things that people post on social media are mainly amazing things that happen to them. How many times have you seen your friend Bonny talk about their child coming home with a note from the teacher vs her child coming home with an A on their test. I now realize that not everyone has as great of a life as they portray

Along with that I have learned to enjoy what my life provides me and enjoy the journey to where I am going.