There are approximately 45 million people who suffer from headaches each and every year. That’s a ton of people! I talk to people all the time in the office who are complaining about this and how they have to live with it. A lot of people will mention that they live on Ibuprofen or Advil. Some people will mention botox injections, or essential oils, or piercings, or a bunch of other things to try and resolve their headaches. The good thing is a lot of times we are able to get rid of these problems with Chiropractic!

Headaches and Chiropractic

By you are probably wondering how Chiropractic can help with this condition. The solution all lies within the nervous system. A lot of people who have this problem have an underlying nervous system issue going on and don’t even know it. The nervous system is key in managing headaches. We work directly with the nervous system and it’s relationship to that!

Check out the video below and hear what Rachel, aka The Lake Country Mom, had to say about her experience!