We are filled with emotions every single day we live our lives. Whether that means we are happy, sad, mad, cheerful, laughing, or anything else. I see tons of different people in my office everyday. They range from 85 year old grandmas to 2 year olds. On my end of providing the care, it makes it so I need to be quick on my feet as I have to adapt to each individual. I try to not be a robot.

What’s up with Emotions?

Okay okay, I’ll get into it. I noticed for a lot of people who came in a great change. They would say that they feel lighter or their anxiety is gone or they aren’t as depressed anymore. When that happens is makes me super happy because I know we are having a huge impact on their life! This started to get me thinking about something. I noticed that there were more and more kids struggling with their emotions so I started talking about this with parents and how I noticed that I was seeing positive changes in my office regarding this. Mainly because the nervous system controls everything that happens in the body. I could talk more and more about this but I am going to have you watch the video below instead!